Friday, February 19, 2010

Expectant Bride by Lynne Graham

A wedding, a baby...but what about love? Ellie was unnerved by her confrontation with Dio Alexiakis. However, Dio knew just how he would deal with her. Ellie was whisked away to Dio's Greek island villa - and unexpected passion! Then, when she found she was pregnant, Dio demanded they must marry....


Ellie was one of those deceiving main characters. On the surface she looks very quiet and meek, but when angered or hurt, she lashes out. I liked that about her. She grew up in a broken home--mom was her dad's mistress-- so she thought men were just pigs, which made the first sex scene feel like a pity lay. As the story progressed, I became convinced of her attraction to him, and it wasn't just about his looks.

As the book progressed, more drama ensued, which could have been prevented had the hero more trust in her.

The hero was dark, brooding, and oh so rich, but like I mentioned before, very distrusting. There were some scenes were I just wanted to shake him and make him see that he was wrong, but the author did a great job painting the villainess as two-faced, manipulative, and persuasive.

The majority of the book I did not feel that the relationship between the two was real, at least the hero's attraction to her.The author skipped much time throughout the book, which made it suffer. If the author hadn't skipped so much time and focused more on their growing relationship, then it would have been believable. Most of the time I could not help to think that it was just a convenient marriage, just like Ellie did.

It's not until the end that their relationship was credible, that I believed the hero's love for Ellie. I liked that she made him suffer and didn't take his coldness towards her.

Overall, it's a decent book with a strong heroine. C-

This book is part of a Greek Tycoon series; you don't have to read the other books in the series to understand this storyline.

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  1. I have yet to read a category romance! What would you suggest I start with? I like how you wrote at the bottom was series it was from etc!



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