Friday, March 12, 2010

Marrying for King's Millions by Maureen Child

Marrying For King's Millions by Maureen Child



Wed and bed one of his biggest client's unsavory daughters? No thanks. But the only way millionaire Travis King could get the man off his back was to marry someone else. So he handpicked his temporary and on-his-terms bride-- hometown girl Julie O'Hara. The woman was desperate and should easily fade into the background. And, as per their contract, she'd do exactly what he wanted during their year of platonic marriage. Unless what he wanted began to change....

This was one of those "free" books that you get sent as an offer. It was very short and to the point, but it did have a few typos.

Anyways, the story did what it was supposed to: it provided a temporary escape from the real world. Julie, the heroine, didn't let others treat her as if she were nothing, even though she was only Travis's fake wife. She demanded respect--and I liked that about her. She was a strong, stubborn woman. Travis was arrogant and protective and he cared a lot about his image, but he did care a lot for Julie and tried to protect her. Julie's ex was a comical character. French, blackmailer, with a weird accent. All that he was missing was a thin mustache that he could twist in between ha-has.

Overall, it was a good romance, but the length and time-skip hurt it a bit. B

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