Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Playboy's Proposition by Miranda Lee

Michele willingly accepted Tyler Garrison's offer to help her out by pretending to be her lover-a role he'd play to perfection! Then Tyler made an even more provocative proposal: they should make love for real! Michele couldn't believe it-Tyler, her long-time pal, and Sydney's most eligible playboy, wanted her ?


Michele suffered a very low self-confidence. After being a mistress for years (and dumped for a rich girl), Michele is invited to her "ex-boyfriend's" wedding. Tyler, who's been in love with  her forever, makes a deal with her: he'll pretend to be her boyfriend if she gets over the loser.

After that they begin a sexual relationship. Throughout the course of the book, Michele questions Tyler's feelings for her, and moans after her ex. I understand that Michele feels used and doesn't feel good about herself, but sometimes it was over-dramatic.  As you can guess, I was ready to put the book down, but I kept reading because I like books that feature friends-turned-lovers.

It did get better as Tyler helped her with her self-image. I loved the scene where Michele meets Tyler's family and discovers that Tyler really does care for her. The hero, Tyler, kept his distance when needed and deeply cared for Michele. I liked how their relationship grew as they got to know each other better.

One character that I really liked was Lucille who got her own book called The Playboy in Pursuit.

Overall, it was a good book, though Michele did get on my nerves sometimes. There were some funny, witty moments, and the friends-turned-lovers part was well-done. B-

This book was part of the Australian Playboy series by Miranda Lee. You don't need to read the other books, but some characters do make cameo appearances. 

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